Luxury and affordable housing property development

SR Curio Investments Pte Ltd is Singaporean company, incorporated in 2016, and is a sole proprietorship with 100 per cent shares owned by Sofia Ramoi.

SR Curio Investments Pte Ltd has a subsidiary company which specialises in luxury property developments in the South East Asia region, with a subsidiary in Papua New Guinea called Eudaimonia Investments Pty Ltd.

Eudaimonia Investments Pty Ltd’s first proposed property development project is Eudaimonia Estates in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The two proposed estates are located at Gerehu and Napa Napa.

As a developer, Eudaimonia Investments is finalising a development proposal for two portions, one with direct highway access and an accompanying beach front, with planned commercial, residential and resort-type facilities to be managed by an award winning South East Asian Group with current ongoing developments in Bali, Indonesia.

Phase 1: Research and Development

In its initial stages, SR Curio is undergoing Research and Develoment (Phase 1) which includes:

Determining the sales and marketing of the property;

Fund the building program and design

Obtain the necessary approvals and financing

Phase 2: Design Phase

Scoping for consultants including legal, project management and civil and constructions has commenced.

The confirmed sales and marketing agent is Kathy Asiri Aisi of Katareena Home Loans Limited.

Phase 3: Construction

SR Curio will lease and manage its proposed developments in partnership with its agents and project consultants.

About Eudaimonia Estates (Napa Napa)

Eudaimonia Estates (Napa Napa) is a 43.1 ha development, located 10 minutes outside of Port Moresby, along the highway that links Port Moresby’s CBD to the Exxon Mobil operated and managed PNG LNG Export Facility.

About Eudaimonia Estates (Gerehu)

Eudaimonia Estates (Gerehu) is a 10 ha housing and commercial development.

Download the Eudaimonia Estates brochure

Please request more information or your expression of interest to partner or purchase (EOI) by contacting us directly via the Contact Us Page directly or emailing with the subject Eudaimonia Estates (Napa Napa) or Eudaimonia Estates (Gerehu) or both.




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    1. Hi Rose, SR Curio are sales and advertising consultants for Mediterranean Apartments. Please provide your email address so we can provide a client information pack.


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